Apartment Interior | House M&M on the Oostelijke Handelskade in Amsterdam Designed By NEXT Architects

Type: dwelling
Location: Amsterdam
Client: private
Team: Marijn Schenk, Claudia Linders, Bart Reuser, Michel Schreinemachers, Joost Lemmens
Collaborator / associate: Claudia Linders
Floor area / size: 180 m2
Photographer: Gert Jan Kocken
Start building: may 2007
Completion: december 2007
Status: realized

The only things inside the House M&M on the Oostelijke Handelskade in Amsterdam are white cubes: no walls, no rooms, no trafficways. Or perhaps, no rooms, no walls, only trafficways. Each of the four cubes encompasses different functions, serving as a gigantic furnishing that determines the area around it. The first contains a toilet, bath and shower; the second, a wash basin and wardrobe. The third cube envelops a double bed and a bookcase, the fourth cube contains two single beds and a workplace. In this way the function of the area between the cubes is determined: the area between the first and second cubes, or between bath and wash basin, becomes the bathroom. When not in use, however, these areas revert to open space in the dwelling. The volumes of the dwelling are finished in white satin paint. The wet function areas have been treated with a polyurethane coating. On the second level of the dwelling, the cube is revisited in the form of a low-elevation square: the kitchen island, around which all the kitchen functions are arranged.....more