Hotel Interior | The Club Hotel | Singapore | Ministry Of Design

the club is conceptualized and branded by award-winning ministry of design, who also designed the hotel and room interiors and façade. Home-grown jane yeo design consultants designed the F&B spaces on the ground floor. Together they paid quirky homage to singapore’s colonial beginnings and the rich chinese heritage of ann siang hill.  the collaboration results in a stylish pairing of east and west, monochrome and colour and minimalist and oriental.
Guests are flown from hotel lobby to room by a flock of messenger birds bearing directions, resonating with a playful theme of friendly ‘messengers’, which is loosely based on the location’s popularity as a remittance centre for early chinese immigrants. The hotel interior theme recurs in calligraphy-style artwork adorning the bedroom walls, featuring a series of animals from humming birds, squirrels, frogs, carp, mice –inspired by ministry of design and individually hand painted by local artist, wyn-lyn tan.
The hotel interior evoking a sense of accessible elegance and modern authenticity, the club connects the modern traveller with the heritage of the location in an engaging and thoughtful manner, without harping on the irrelevant past.

More picture of the hotel interior here